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Suction Regulation, Made Easy.

The Vide® Shore chest drain is a 2000ml, three-chamber chest drain unit that offers the reliability of a traditional water seal drain and the convenience of a water-less suction control operation.  The Shore chest drain completely eliminates the need for constantly maintaining water level in the suction control chamber (and thus the need to scramble for sterile water in the midst of a night!).  The elimination of water also means the vacuum level can maintained with less fluctuations than a traditional water-based suction control.

Suction Adjustment with Just a Slide of Your Thumb

Proprietary suction control featuring at the front of the drain allows suction adjustment from -5cmH2O to -40cmH2O with superb accuracy.   Adjustment is done in one smooth motion – only a slide up and down the regulator is required.  An optional tamper-proof suction lock is also available to avoid the chance of accidental adjustments. 

Enhanced Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

The Shore chest drain features another advanced engineering feature – an automatic pressure relief valve that quickly responds to a sudden drop in intrapleasure pressure and restores clinically safe pressure level in less than 20 seconds, avoiding a build-up of high negative pressure at the patient.

Pediatric Shore Drain:
Focusing on The Patient

The Shore family also includes a 200ml pediatric version.  With a lightweight compact yet sturdy design, a colorful face plate featuring Zippy the Turtle, and a smaller internal volume, the Shore Pediatric Drain specifically caters to the pediatric population.   It is built with the same safety features as in the adult drain, but only in a more compact version.

ST384 (Shore Pediatric).png

Shore Dual Drain: 

The Shore Dual Chest Drain allows for connection to two catheters into two separate collection chambers (900ml and 1100ml), giving clinicians a great option when independent measurement on both side of the pleural space is required.

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