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Best in Patient Care.

The Vide® Sand Chest Drain is a 2000ml three-chamber drain that utilizes a dry seal and does not need any water to operate – allowing instant set-up and providing maximum patient protection.  Safety is the goal for the Sand Drains:  The automatic high negative pressure relief valve limits system pressure.   Air leak visualization is still possible with a pre-filled syringe that comes with every standard drain.  Knock-over nozzles allow fluids levels in the air leak monitor chamber to be recovered instantly.   Positive relief valve is mounted to ensure pressure build-up can be relief even during external suction disruption.

Suction Adjustment with Just a Slide of Your Thumb

Proprietary suction control featuring at the front of the drain allows suction adjustment from -5cmH2O to -40cmH2O with superb accuracy.   Adjustment is done in one smooth motion – only a slide up and down the regulator is needed.  An optional tamper-proof suction lock is also available to avoid the chance accidental adjustments. 

Enhanced Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

The Shore chest drain features another advanced engineering feature – an automatic pressure relief valve that quickly responds to a sudden drop in intrapleasure pressure and restores clinically safe pressure level in less than 20 seconds, avoiding a build-up of high negative pressure at the patient.

Negative Pressure Indicators

Two negative pressure indicators are prominently situated on the front of the drain.  The one proximal to the suction control allows user to instantly recognize the presence of suction.  A second one placed above the collection chamber offers user to visualize negative pressure in the intrapleural space.

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