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Traditionally Safe and Reliable.

The Vide® Wave Water Seal Chest Drainage Unit is a 2000ml, three-chamber chest drain featuring a three-column collection chamber, a water seal/leak monitor and a suction control chamber.  Providing precise and exact suction control up to a maximum vacuum level of 25cmH2O, the Wave chest drain integrates a variety of safety features designed to protect patient from sudden changes in the intrapleural environment.

Automatic Negative Pressure Valve

An integrated Automatic Negative Pressure Relief Valve offers a controlled release during episodes of prolonged high negative pressure.  The valve also can be activated manually, when manual intervention is required in certain circumstances.

ST380_with bubbles.png

Air Leak Monitor

Bubbling can be easily observed with blue tinted water inside the 5-graduation air leak window to monitor air leak trends.  Only sterile water is needed – it automatically turns blue upon entering the water seal chamber! A low-flow version is also available.

Sampling port

Sampling on the Wave Chest Drain is easy – sampling can either be extracted from the in-line sampling port (available through ST380-0006 and ST380-0007.), or through the sampling port located at the front of the drain with a 24G or thinner needle.


Pediatric Wave Drain:  Same Design,
but with Pediatric Patient in Mind

Introducing Zippy the Turtle!  The Wave Pediatric drain features a kid-friendly face plate.  Designed to minimize dead air space within the drain, the Wave Pediatric drain can collect 200cc of fluid while having all the same safety features as the adult counterpart.

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